Up the Creek Campground: Moab, UT

Do you ever feel like escaping into the wild is what you need? Last week, this was exactly me. I knew a trip to the desert with the warm sun and red terrain would certainly ease my mind, except Mother Nature had other plans. Leading up to the trip, the weather in Moab, UT was high 70s and GORGEOUS. Of course the only two days that the weather was predicted to take a turn for the worst, was when we were going to be there. Mid 40s, rain, snow and high winds were our forecast. Already slightly defeated, Heath & I headed on our way towards the desert.

Once we arrived late that night to Up the Creek Campground, we were more than pleasantly surprised! Little lanterns from each site made the entire campground glow. There was a peaceful silence with warm winds that flooded the retreat.

We walked up to the sign at the front entrance and lone behold my name in expo was carefully written next to our site number. We both loved the ease of check-in along with the humble nature of the campground. Excited we walked/jogged to see what our "glamping" experience was going to be like. I don't think either of us were ready for what these luxury tents were really like. Neither of us had ever camped like this before! The tents were well made with thick canvas to protect us from the elements. The bed was the perfect size for the two of us and the bedding was warm enough to challenge the elements! The windows in the back let in the perfect breeze, and once we had the lanterns going it was absolutely perfect.

Over the next two days this tent became our haven. After off-roading all day, just wait until you hear about this story in my next entry, this place saved us. We both agreed that if we didn't have this tent, our trip would've been downright miserable! Lets just say, if you are looking to step up your camping game, I'd highly recommend checking out Up the Creek Campground. They also have bunk bed options if you bring a big group of friends! It's the best opportunity to get out in the wild without sacrificing your comfort. Grab your friends and head here as soon as possible, you don't want to miss out!

Welcome To The Wild

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