Twisted Jeeps

The one was definitely for the books. Let’s start off at the beginning. Heath and I drove into Moab late that night before and set up camp at Up the Creek campground. We both woke up early that morning and set off to pick up our Jeep for the next two days from Twisted Jeeps. I don’t know about you, but owning a lifted Jeep Wrangler has basically been my dream for like forever. So when we pulled in to the parking lot and saw four beautiful Jeeps lined up looking really purty, I was STOKED.

We went in to grab our keys and Nick was super helpful since we had basically no idea where to off-road. They gave us this super helpful book with all the trails in Utah rated by their difficulty, length, and so on. After getting all the paperwork done he took us out to one of their brand new turbo Jeeps. I think we both stood there with our mouths open for a solid second looking like idiots because it was so freaking cool! Totally not the caliber of Jeep we excited, which made us even more grateful. We drove away headed to Arches National Park to explore and that’s when the weather took a turn for the worst. Literally, THE WORST.

Heath and I both packed for warm desert weather. When we go to Arches it was 37 degrees and sleeting. PERFECT. We drove around in our sick Jeep, bumping tunes and just enjoying what little views there was. After continuing through almost zero visibility weather, we decided to change plans and head towards White Rim Road in Canyonlands national park. Once we got there, it was still snowing, but such a sweet mix of stormy weather and deep red Utah mud! I highly recommend off-roading on stormy days like this because the clouds make everything look so much more badass and muddy as ever!

We started making our way carefully down the beginning of the trail and ran into no trouble on the road, which we were super thankful for. We had a blissful hour or two driving through the canyon just gazing all around us. After a while we started to wonder when the trail was going to end. In comes this magical off-roading trail book that I didn’t bother to read. White Rim Road was 90+ miles long!!! Total WTF moment right there. We had only driven about 30 miles of it and it had already taken us around 3 hours. Music started to get annoying, relentless rain on our nerves, we decided to make the call and turn around. Impressive enough, we both were pretty calm considering the conditions HA.

The next piece of trouble that we ran into was on the way back out of the canyon. The wheels were caked with mud and we were losing traction. What started as a happy moment as we were almost out, turned into pure silence and white knuckled driving and we slipped up the treacherous road. At one point, the Jeep completely lost all traction and kept sliding into the ditch towards the wall side of the road. I had to get out and literally push this beast to slowly crawl back onto the trail. We were totally freaked that the Jeep was going to instead shootout and tumble into the canyon. Shaking, but relieved, we drove safely drove the Jeep back out on the road and towards town. The next morning we woke up to a caked beast in the parking lot of the campground. The aftermath was impressive, but now it was time to clean her up. $30 in self-serve car wash later, we drove away our Twisted Jeep we but a few flecks of red mud underneath. It was sure as hell a wild ride, but dang was that one of the coolest experiences ever. If you ever find yourself exploring around Moab, Twisted Jeeps has my vote.

Welcome To The Wild

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