Top 5 Lakes to SUP in Colorado

Stand-up paddle boarding is such an up and coming sport! It gets you closer to the water than any kayak, canoe or boat could ever. It's the perfect vessel for paddling out into the middle of the lake and jumping off!

I just recently got into the SUP game, and grabbed my own Bluefin SUP. You can use my code courtwildson10 for 10% off! I went the inflatable route so I could easily carry the board in a backpack right up to the shore and start paddling! If you don't have a good vehicle to mount the board on, you can also just store it away easily in the bag.

In Colorado, lakes aren't as common as some other locations and the water can be a bit cold, which is why I thought making a guide to the best places to SUP would be a great idea!

Top 5 Lakes to SUP in Colorado

#1 Lake Dillon Reservoir - Dillon, CO

Lake Dillon is my go-to SUP destination. It's less than six miles away from where I live and the views there are gorgeous! My favorite time to go SUP is definitely at sunset.

#2 Lake San Cristobal - Lake City, CO

Lake San Cristobal is the second largest natural lake in Colorado! With a campground nearby, it's the perfect destination for a weekend getaway on the lake.

#3 Boulder Reservoir - Boulder, CO

Conveniently close to Denver, CO; Boulder Reservoir is a popular destination. There is a $7 fee to access but the scenery is worth it!

#4 Horsetooth Reservoir - Fort Collins, CO

This man-made reservoir is 7 miles long and 1 mile wide. Perfect for a SUP workout! This might be the roughest water destination on the list due to the amount of activity there.

#5 Grand Lake - Estes Park, CO

Last but not least, Grand Lake is the largest natural lake in Colorado! Simply stunning and right next to Rocky Mountain National Park, it's the perfect spot to retreat to in the mountains.

Hope you enjoyed this list! If you have any personal favorites in Colorado, comment them below!

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