Tiny House Flagstaff, AZ

After a slew of mis-adventures, Heath and I needed a place to stay. (full roadtrip story coming soon) At the time we were in Page, AZ and wanted to head towards Grand Canyon National Park. Without a tent, once again long story, we were searching for somewhere to rest our heads that night. A while back I had came across a Tiny House in Flagstaff, AZ and thought it would be the perfect place for us to go that night. Sure enough, within a few hours we had a reservation completed on airbnb and were on our way to the cabin!As we entered the Flagstaff region, both of us were surprised by the landscape! Neither of us knew that Arizona had such a forest-ridden mountain community, let alone a beautiful one at that. Both of us excited and longing for a hot shower, we pulled into the Tiny House property and saw the place. It was a small wooden house with this unbelievable sauna outside, so sweet!

We carried our stuff in along with Heath’s dog Ford, btw this place is pet friendly, and plopped on the couch. After showering and making dinner, we sat down and played Trivia Pursuit, a board game from the cabin, and got our butts kicked while listening to country music from the tv. Heath also had a fire going in the wood burning stove which made it just that much more perfect.

After it got dark, we headed into the sauna and relaxed even more! Not sure how it was possible, but we were completely refreshed as we laid down to sleep and watched our favorite show Friends. The next morning we woke up and made fresh coffee from the kitchen while enjoying the morning sun on the porch. Since we had a full day of adventures ahead, we packed our things and said farewell to the Tiny House in Flagstaff, literally our life saver. Click here to book!

Welcome To The Wild

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