Time: Our Most Valuable Commodity

Where does the time go?

In today's society, time is our most valuable commodity. How to find it and how to spend it wisely are some of the most asked questions. It seems to be that we are always running out of it... doesn't it? Time, decides whether or not we can do the things we love. It puts strain on our day as it seems to be always escaping us.

Or is it?

I will agree that time is a very valuable commodity. Even as I write this, my life becomes shorter since seconds, minutes, hours have passed. You can't buy time, even though some people think so, so how do we use it wisely?

It goes where we spend it

Many people, aka most people, have poor time management. I'm not talking about their work or school assignments, I mean with their life. Most people spend too much time on things that don't matter and then become stressed because they can never seem to find enough of it.

Our industries work to produce products and services that are fast and quick so that you will have more time in your life. The faster I can do something the better right? The problem is that when given the extra time in our day, it still seems to slip between our fingers.

Many of the things that "suck" our time are mindless and that's why we don't even realize we're spending it poorly. Sitting on the couch watching Netflix for hours on end is draining and costly, when it comes down to it. For every hour you spend watching Netflix, you could be doing something else. But what to do?

"I want to adventure more"

- everyone & their brother

I have built a social media following on the concept of adventure, but what is adventure really anyways? To me, living a life of adventure means living a life of freedom. Free of deadlines, running out of time, and full of choice. I get to do what I want to do everyday. Maybe that means hiking a mountain or just reading a book cover to cover. Goals right?

If you were to ask me when I was little what I wanted to be when I grew up, I probably said either mermaid or princess, as any kid my age would. To me though, that answer meant more than just a childhood fantasy. Something I still seek 20 years later is creativity, imagination and most importantly... wonder. I believe that everyday is full of wonder and I make it my duty is to seek it out.

ya gotta get good at poker

We are all handed a different deck of cards every day. When we go to sleep the deck is re-shuffled before the morning. Life changes quickly and so does our circumstances. Some days we are more blessed than others, but that doesn't mean that we should live gloomy lives when we're given a bad hand.

It may appear that I'm just so darn blessed and everyday I'm dealt a full house. Wrong. The truth is I'm just really good at poker. Not the card game, but metaphorically in life. Most days I'm dealt a difficult hand, but to everyone around me it never seems so. It may seem like a far fetched conclusion, but that my friend isn't bluffing. It's expert time management. I only a lot time to the things that deserve it. AKA, I only give things value in my life that deserve it. Don't let negativity hold more value (time) then it should. Shut it down and place more weight on the positives.

No, I don't have ADHD

When I was in grade school, I was always the first done. Sometimes it was because I wanted to be, but mostly it's because that's how I function. My best work is done at incredible speeds. My brainstorming efforts are often so fast that someone would think I have ADHD. I was told by teachers to work slowly and then maybe I would get a 100% instead of a 95%, but in reality I did far worse when I slowed down.

I'm getting a bit off track, but basically my philosophy in life is either you know it... or you don't. Let me rephrase... either you have the card or you don't. Sulking around all day won't change your situation, but how you go about it just might change your perspective. Sometimes life sucks, but that doesn't mean your day has to.

Trust me, I'm getting somewhere

Hey Courtney I understand what you're saying, it totally makes sense, but how does this apply to my life?

Glad you asked. Let's say you had an absolutely terrible day at work. So bad it felt like everyone on your team sat you down and told you that you sucked. Or maybe, you failed a class in college and have to retake the course. The most important thing isn't what happened to you, but instead what you do next. Do you go home, sulk, eat ice cream and cry alone with your dog?

As comforting as that seems, I would never do anything remotely close to that. The key here is how fast you can turnaround your day. Are you going to open up your wallet to the sadness? Or are you going to save your precious pennies for something better.

You wanna know what I would do? I'd probably get outside and just walk around. I'd clear my head and find a mature perspective on my situation. I wouldn't listen to intense metal and hate on my situation, I'd sit silently in the forest and find wisdom to see above my situation.

I'm not being hippy dippy

Sounds pretty crunchy huh? It really isn't tbh. I call this intentional living. I choose to live an adventurous life, so I can't allow things that don't matter take up my time.

I can't afford it.

I don't have the time for it.

I just simply won't let other factors ruin the wonder of my day.

Car doesn't work? Guess like we're walking.

Ran out of money? Looks like we ain't goin far today, tomorrow or the next day. But maybe I'll check out somewhere new in the neighborhood.

You have to live everyday like you were given a full house because why? You won't accept anything else. The key to having more time and doing what you want to do everyday is...

just doing it.

Nike, the goddess of victory, just does it so why can't you?

If time is your most valuable commodity then why are you spending it so poorly? Wake up at 6am instead of 8am. Take two hours to read, workout, or whatever the heck else you like to do. After work at 5pm, don't go home until the sun sets. I do that because as soon as I go home, I've initiated the Netflix and chill with myself.

Don't worry, using your whole day won't tire you out, not if you're consuming well. Feed your body with nutrients and throw away the junk. Both mentally and physically. Don't listen to music that swears every 2 seconds and hates on everything that is life. Don't eat at Mickey D's 3 meals a day because I guarantee that you're going to feel like absolute crap. Do go to bed at 10pm and wake up at 6am. That's 8 hours of sleep if you didn't fail math.

To summit all up

Living a life of adventure and freedom takes discipline. It demands tons of hard-work and consistent pursuit. I'm making it sound a lot easier than what it actually is. Being who you want to be every single day of your damn life is harder than you think.

Most people aren't committed enough to pursuing their best-self, which is an incredibly sad truth to me. They want to do what I do, but think they can't. The remarkable truth is that they CAN. Even though you might think I am, I'm not in a small percentage of people who can do whatever they want whenever they want because they're loaded.

I manifested this life from nothing. I grew up living comfortably, but I don't accept money from my parents. How I live today wasn't handed to me. I want to do everything on my own and claim it as my own effort. I'm young and can figure it out. What if I I go broke? Sweet, another lesson learned.

I realize that the more I push myself to do things that terrify me, the more I become. I have taught myself to be capable and speak without regret. I used to be so shy that I couldn't even order my own meal at a restaurant. Through the years I have broken out of my shell and realized what it means to have a voice. Now I use it.

We all have the free-will to do as we please. Don't lock yourself up in chains that aren't meant for you. Choose to live intentionally, spend your time wisely and live a life full of adventure.

because time never stops running

Welcome To The Wild

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