The Cabins at Country Road: A Self-love Retreat

We all are told that self-love is important, but do we understand why? At the end of the day, it’s you and only you. Knowing that and loving yourself is everything. It took me quite a long time to figure this out. 

I began to understand the importance of “being your own best-friend,” when I started solo-adventuring. I would say solo-hiking, but adventuring to me means everything you do in the wild whether it’s hiking, kayaking, camping, hammocking or anything else really. 

It took bravery to get out there by myself, but once I was comfortable with it, it changed my life. When I go somewhere by myself, I don’t stare at my phone for comfort, because social media can be used as a replacement for companionship. It can be lonely and sometimes still is for me, but if you're okay by yourself, then I believe you can do anything.

Reading, writing, and taking time to breath in fresh air is so fulfilling I can't begin to describe what it does to my mind and that is exactly what I did the past two days at The Cabins at Country Road. I found my paradise in the Dream Catcher’s Cabin, almost too perfect as I spent my days dreaming of what could be.

There’s a gate to enter the grounds and once inside there are a handful of unique cabins. From the Dream Catcher, to the Owl’s Nest, each individual cabin has an entirely different theme. The Dream Catcher fit perfectly for me as I’m inspired by wonder and have a strong Native American background. 

To deepen my inspiration, they have their own Tranquility Cabin full of wonderful books, puzzles and movies. I took a few to open my mind and see where my thoughts would leave me. Next to the Tranquility cabin is a dry-heat sauna and hot tub overlooking Bear Creek which runs right by all the cabins. I opted for the hot tub and sat gazing at what I believe to be my idea of paradise. I have always connected with the forest and feel drawn to it’s wild.

Once the sun set, I retreated back to the Dream Catcher and got lost in many books. “Angry Conversations with God,” by Susane Isaacs was both entertaining and enlightening to how our trust in God can be wavered during times of trial. I’ve always been a passionate reader, but have stuck to fiction for as long as I can remember. Since I was saved, Christian novels are all I can pick up nowadays. They’re both enlightening and inspiring on my relationship with God and diving deeper in moments like this are my favorite. 

It couldn’t have been more perfect that the Dream Catcher has angel wings above the bed. Here at the cabin, I felt safe and grateful to be able to stay in such a beautiful place. Most people aren't fortunate to own homes like this decorated to perfection and being able to call it mine even for only a day is something special.

In the morning, their country cafe delivered breakfast to my door and boy was it amazing! I had an amaretto latte (for inspiration of course), strawberry-banana pancakes and blackberry-sage mashed. This last one was a special recipe of theirs with scrambled eggs on top of cheese and mashed potatoes covered in blackberry jam, sage, and hollandaise sauce. YUM.  

Checkout came far too quickly and if I didn’t work the next day I certainly would’ve stayed longer. Times like this I need when living such a fast paced life. Being alone in the wilderness is healing and the Cabins at Country Road are the perfect fix. 

If you loved watching my stay and want to learn how you can experience the beauty too, click here to find out more information. 

Welcome To The Wild

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