Thanksgiving Feast

Do you know that feeling on Thanksgiving day when you eat and eat and eat until you can’t possibly eat anymore, but then they bring out the pumpkin pie so then obviously you have two pieces of that too? Then after you lay on the couch, moaning and groaning about how you shouldn't have eaten that much, and it just sits in your stomach like a rock. I mean maybe that’s just me, because I know I can certainly eat way more with my eyes than I can with my stomach.

In the same sense, when we learn about God we consume so much of his word in scripture, books, podcasts, and in other ways that we become full. So full to the point that we should, as called by God… act. If we over consume, but we don’t exercise our faith by doing works in His name, then faith without good deeds is dead. James says in scripture that, “What good is it, dear brothers and sisters, if you say you have faith but don’t show it by your actions? Can’t that kind of faith save anyone?” (James 2:14 NLT) This is powerful and scary, for me at least knowing that having a close relationship with God isn’t enough.

I know after I read the word or sit in a moving bible study, I feel the urge from God to DO something about it. But the question comes to what do I do? Well each and every child of God was created to do something unique, you just have to find out what exactly God is calling you to do. It’s not an easy task and it certainly will change constantly, so the only way to hone in on it, is to seek God daily and relentlessly. Forever. Simply forever, because that’s just it. God is eternal, and so should our desires.

We are all blessed through trials that test our faith and grow us as people. Recently, I was listening to a podcast by Joel Osteen, sounds a little hypocritical right, but I am sharing it with you now so I guess that counts as getting up off of the couch and moving around after that pie. Anyway, the episode was called from patient to physician. This message really spoke to me because it talks about how in life, God blesses us during times of need as we are patients in His care. Then we come to a point where we have grown through the trial and we are discharged from the hospital. However, now that we have this new blessing and we have learned so much from our experience, it would be unjust to not share that with others. God asks us...calls upon us to be Physicians of the world, and to use the blessings that he's given us to help others in His care. He will then multiply our blessings that we receive, only if we continue to share what we've learned and spread the word to help others in their times of need.

Think about what God has taught you in life. Maybe your life skills may lie in relationships, experiencing heartbreak, losing a loved one, dealing with disease, or maybe just being patient for what God has in store. Whatever it may be, think of ways you can use this blessing to help others around you. Serving others is so beautiful and fulfilling, especially when it’s for our Father and we expect nothing in return. "My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you. Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends." (John 15:12-13)

Welcome To The Wild

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