She Explores: Review

Being an outdoors women, I have my own unique story as each women does. In this book, they tell tales of adventure and how each women came into her passions today. Learning about other women's’ stories in the wild are so inspiring to me and there’s nothing I love more than hearing them told.

I’ve been following the @she_explores account on instagram for awhile now. They showcase amazing women who find their fire in the outdoors. When I heard the founder had written this book, I knew I had to read it!

I quite honestly think I read this book in less than 3 hours, it was that good! Each short chapter tells another woman’s story and each story I read I was inspired even more. I never knew the different ways we could find peace in nature and reading She Explores we extremely eye opening to the possibilities.

If you find reading other women’s stories inspiring, I highly recommend you give this one a read! You can find it the cheapest here on the only site I’ve ever bought books on.


Welcome To The Wild

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