Oak & Violet: Hilltop Retreat

As I turned into the Hilltop Retreat, I noticed the glittering lights on the sides of the driveway. They led my way and grew my sense of wonder. Once the cabin came into view I noticed the porch walkway through the gates that led around the building to the front door, almost as if I was staying in a tree house of sorts. I was given a code by Ayanna the owner to open the lock box on the door. I unlocked the glass door and entered the cabin.

Upon entering the Oak & Violet property, that’s when the “ahhh” moment happened. I flicked on the lights to a beautifully decorated loft cabin. Zebras, lamas, and colorful paintings decorated the walls with fur blankets coating the floor. The vibrant theme gave the entering room so much life and I wanted to see what was else in store.

I then turned the corner into the kitchen and dining area. Pops of color immediately filled my vision with palm trees covering the wall and lemons in a jar on the table. I knew I definitely had to drink my morning coffee there!The other bedrooms we no different. Stunning colors and beautiful patterns, I was almost excited to sink underneath the covers!

I proceeded to watch Netflix, sit by the fire and enjoy some marshmallows. I felt comfortable and couldn’t ask for more. I slept like a rock and was well rested for the next leg of my cross-country journey. Oak & Violet Properties was the perfect start to my adventure.

Welcome To The Wild

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