New Age Friendships: Moab

Let’s face it, it’s 2019 and everything is different. Our daily lives have been changed drastically by technology. From making our coffee in the morning to even making new friendships, technology has both helped and hindered us. Depending on how you choose to life your life, this infiltration can either be good or bad, especially when it comes to our social lives. We can choose to live alone, scrolling through people’s adventures on instagram, or we can choose to be apart of them. Up until recently, I have never used social media to meet another person for the first time in real life. Now that I have? It’s been the best decision I’ve made in a long time. If you’ve been following my adventures on instagram, you would know that I just got back from Moab, Utah exploring with tons of people.

Little did you know, that I’ve actually never met any of those people before in real life until that trip. That trip was created through instagram. Shocker right? I started following these two amazing women, Jessica Olmstead (@jessicaluann) and Athena Pilato (@_theenbean), and realized that they were probably just like me. They did the same things I liked to do with their life and after a while I knew I wanted to be apart of it too. I didn’t know that when I reached out to them I would create both a long lasting friendship and embark on one of the most incredible adventures of my life. When I waited for Jessica to swing by Copper to bring me on this trip, I knew other people were coming too I just didn’t know how many exactly. As two massive 4Runners, a lifted Toyota Tacoma, and a tricked out “Ferrari” Jeep loaded with 12 other people stopped in front of me, I knew an adventure was about to begin.

I couldn’t wipe the grin off my face by how surreal this was. I was in this moment because I chose to create a friendship, and God was blessing me with this experience. Throughout this journey I began to know more about this group. They were extremely humble, down to earth, and some of the most kind people I’ve ever met. They certainly wouldn’t say no to anything when it comes to the outdoors and that was something I truly admired.One of the couples along this journey also had not met any of these people as well. Glen and Alana (@the.wilderness.collective) are freelance photographers who capture weddings and all types of outdoors equipment. Their lifestyle was so inspiring to me, as they travel and adventure for a living. They are completely self-sustainable! While we were at Dead Horse Point State Park, Glen approached a few of us and said he was going to propose to Alana.

We were so shocked but unbelievably excited to watch such a one in a lifetime experience. Glen took Alana out to Dead Horse Point, knelt down on one knee when the sun was setting, and asked her to marry him. She said yes! Watching this was incredible and made me just feel so alive. I will always remember that sunset. Even though throughout the journey it was below freezing at night, I reflect back on the experience with so much love that I can’t even remember the negative moments. Struggle is what ultimately makes an adventure and that was certainly on the top of my list. I connected so deeply with everyone, including my new friends Jessica and Athena, so much that I urge you to chase after friendships like I did. Don’t be afraid of what might not happen, be inspired for what could. Your life will only be as spectacular as you make it, so you might as well ask a few people to come along.

Welcome To The Wild

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