Hotel Akumal Caribe

Heading into our second night of the vacation, Heath and I made our way to Hotel Akumal Caribe. The one thing that both of us were really excited for were the elusive sea turtles that grace Akumal's beautiful bay. A coworker of mine recommended that if we were to visit this area of Mexico, we had to make a stop in Akumal because it was just so beautiful! As we pulled into the drive, we noticed the white walls that encircled the hotel and started to get excited. After checking in, we were excited to check out where we would be staying.

Long story short, we did not realize how truly beautiful this hotel was! With palm trees everywhere and tiny bungalows throughout the property, it was something out of a dream. The hotel was so close to the beach which was even more stunning! Neither of us have ever seen water so blue and pure. Our room was on a corner so it had oceanfront views on both sides of the bed! A swan towel sculpture greeted us on the bed with flowers everywhere. It was absolutely perfect.

Next we headed to explore the premises and grab a drink. We headed down to walk the beach to Lolha's beach bar. Every staff member was extremely helpful and the drinks tasted amazing! We noticed people we snorkeling on the beach and wanted a piece of the fun too so we headed down and joined in. For only $10, we were both equipped with a snorkel, life jacket, and mask! After only 10 minutes of searching the water, we found a large sea turtle chowing down on seagrass. It was nothing short of amazing to see this creature in its natural habitat.

After a long day of swimming, we then were starving for dinner. Lolha Restaurant on the hotel grounds had just opened for dinner and we were ready to chow down. We decided to go at sunset and the views from the deck of the restaurant were absolutely gorgeous! That night Lolha had an amazing guitar player who accompanied dinner as well. We sat and ate amazing food and drank margaritas before we headed in for the night.

The next morning before we left, we decided to take a quick dip in the pool. We had a little too much fun diving in and swimming underneath the waterfall. Cooled off and ready for the day’s adventures, we said our farewells and hit the road refreshed and ready for more adventure. Hotel Akumal Caribe was our favorite stay of the trip hands down and we would 100% visit again!

Welcome To The Wild

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