Hocking Hills: Crockett's Run

After my night of being terrified, I headed to explore Hocking Hills, OH. It’s crazy to me how much staying in the castle bothered me, but hiking and camping by myself doesn’t. Anyways, my first destination was the Rock House. Once again, wasn’t expecting much but as you can see… holy crap. I feel like this whole trip I had minimal expectations for and was completely blown away at each stop. It’s important to remember that you don’t have to travel to the Rocky Mountains or PNW to see amazing features of the planet. Most of the time, there are incredible things hiding right in your backyard.

My next destination was Conkle’s Hollow, yet another hidden gem. This was one of my favorite stops because the short hike started out relatively normal, but then got increasingly awesome as you continued deeper into the forest. I came to find out that most of the features located in the Hocking Hills region were formed by the remnants of glaciers who carved out these beautiful formations. It was pretty obvious that this hollow was formed that way based on how it looked once I found that out. The frozen water made this hike all that more amazing.

Old Man’s Cave, my next stop, had the most hype around it. By the way, if you were wondering how I found all of these destinations, I researched the crap out of each state. Typing in searches to google like, “most beautiful places to see in” or “most unique places to stay in.” Hours upon hours went into finding these unique places across the country that weren’t advertised like other places out West. That being said, Old Man’s Cave always came up in my results when I searched Ohio so I was the most excited to see this one. After walking through this gorge, filled with mini waterfalls, caves, and trenches; I was awe-struck but not as much so as I thought I would be. It’s funny how sometimes the most hyped up places, aren’t even the best ones. That’s why I think it’s so important to see out the places that not many people are aware of!

My final stop was called Ash Cave. This rock cavern was hands down my favorite. I don’t think you can tell from this picture, but this place was HUGE! The rock overhang was massive and the falls coming down was extremely powerful. I spent the most time at this location just looking at what nature had created around me. Driving up to Ash Cave you could absolutely not tell that this creation was here and I think that made it all the more special.

After exploring all of these great locations, I drove to Crockett’s Run where I’d be staying that night. Morehead Lodge was where I’d rest my head. Filled with leather furniture, antler chandeliers, and fur blankets; this place was amazing. It looked like it came right out of a five-star lodge magazine and smelled like it too. Everything was so pristine and beautifully decorated, with a hot tub out on the deck to top it off! Surround sound, smart TV was where I plopped myself for the night with a crackling fire at my feet. This was the perfect place to relax and retreat to after my day in the woods. I slept like a rock in my bed, which was soooooo comfortable. When I woke up, I had fresh coffee on the deck while the property cat purred next to me. I had a 10.5 hour drive that day and I needed the relaxation of Crockett’s Run to fuel me.

Welcome To The Wild

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