Grand Sunset Princess

After a stressful arrival into Mexico with issues at the airport and then transportation to our hotel, we FINALLY arrived to Grand Sunset Princess Resort. A little background on Heath and I is that we speak ZERO spanish. Not that navigating was impossible, but I would’ve paid some damn good money to speak some espanol. Anyways… pulling into this place was certainly a breath of fresh air. Almost all of the top beach side resorts have extremely large gated entrances with security guards out front. Although it was intimidating, it certainly eased our stress levels knowing that we would be completely safe here.

Pulling into the lobby was the first sign of Grand Sunset’s five-star status! Everything was grand. From the marble floors to the massive fountains, it certainly screamed paradise. Checking in we both were handed a flute of champagne and I regretfully say I drank the whole damn thing in one gulp, sorry not sorry.  

On the way to our room we walked through the path of the gods which is this gorgeous pathway through trees and mayan sculptures! One of the sculptures looked like it was holding a snow stake like we have back at Copper Mountain, which Heath made, and be both cracked up on that one. We circled through room-side pools and in the pool bars which definitely made us walk a bit faster to get into all of the action hehe. The room seemed almost like a different atmosphere with the dreamy AC, much much needed in Mexico. After we set our stuff down we went out on a hunt for food and drinks.

I won’t lie, we learned a lot of lessons on this trip and most of them unfortunately happened here. Completely not the resorts fault, but we didn’t realize that to eat dinner at an all-inclusive you basically need a reservation. It took us quite a while, but once we got our hands on some dinner we scarfed it down… along with a couple margs of course. Our bartender was extremely helpful and attentive which you usually don’t see at all-inclusives! The next morning proved to be much luckier for us both as we had a better grip on how to be better tourists lol We woke up early and chowed down at the Snack buffet, which was pretty dang awesome. They pretty had any type of food you could want and the BEST orange juice Heath and I had ever had. After we walked around checking out more of what the resort had to offer before we headed to our next destination. Lessons were learned, but good times were still had!

Welcome To The Wild

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