Frisco Bay Marina

Living in Frisco, Colorado is quite the adventure. With massive mountains creating the landscape, Dillon Reservoir is the perfect hub for summer activities. My favorite place to be isn't on the summit of a mountain, but on the water.

When I found out that Frisco Bay Marina offered boat rentals, I was beyond stoked! I'm only 23 years old so having a boat isn't really in the cards for me anytime soon, but renting one sure is. I miss the lake life back home and finding that here in Colorado is everything!

Here at the Frisco Bay Marina you have a couple of options for different rentals. You can choose either a Fishing Boat, Runabout, or a Pontoon Boat. There is something for everyone! We opted for the Small Pontoon Boat, which is perfect for cruising around.

We set out at 4:45pm and had the boat until 6:45pm, just before sunset. The water is simply stunning at this time and we were lucky enough to have clear skies! I turned up my favorite country tunes on the boat's bluetooth speaker and set off on the crystal clear water.

Dillon Reservoir is one of the largest bodies of water in Colorado, which makes it perfect for cruising around. After our time was up though, I was pretty bummed. I know I'll have to take out another boat soon on Lake Dillon to get my lake fix!

If you're interested in taking out a boat, you can check prices here on their website.

Welcome To The Wild

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