Finding Time for Adventure

The question I get asked the most on instagram is, "how do you have time do go all of these beautiful places?" I even get the, "do you even work?"

Do you want to know the golden truth? It's honestly a lot simpler than you're probably thinking. Did you know that there are 24 hours in a day? Of course you do and they key is to use them all.

When you get done work at 5pm and then probably hit the gym, that makes it probably 6:30ish by the time you're finished. During the summer, the sun sets at around 8:30pm, which is 2 whole HOURS left to spend time outside. Heck you can even sit in the dark if it makes you happy, meaning you then have all night (gotta love stargazing).

What I'm getting at here is the pursuit of adventure, no matter how ordinary it may seem. Everyday after I get done work and finish up at crossfit, I find somewhere to explore. There are a few top spots that I go to near my house and I just sit there and it doesn't matter how many times I've been there. Going to the same place over and over grows my love for where I live. Sometimes I gaze out at the lake spending time with God, and sometimes I read a book or listen to music.

"It's all about being present in the moment"

The key to my daily happiness is slowing down my mind and taking in all that is life. There is so much beauty all around us that we miss because we're too focused on things that don't matter. Stress, worry, or sadness will keep us from the mindset of grace. The key is to release these feelings to God and live for yourself.

For years the running joke between my peers was that "Courtney is probably on a mountain somewhere" or "laying in a hammock" and guys it's because that was true. I knew the wild was calling my name and I did anything and everything to get lost in it everyday. My perspective on life changed and my relationship with God was found.

But what about the days when you're just so bogged down with school work, life, and the real world jobs? Make it happen. That's what I've been doing for years. The answer is a tough one to swallow, but when you have your priorities straight, you will find time for what you love.

As soon as you get an assignment, finish it. Tasks at work? Work hard and diligently all day long so that you can enjoy time among the trees later. Struggling in finals week feeling like you don't know anything? Pay more attention during the semester when the teacher is talking and then when it comes time for finals... you're prepared. Setting yourself up for success will pay off in the long run and vice versa with failure.

You might say that you don't live in a beautiful place like I do and that you don't have anywhere to retreat to. I say, think harder. I used to go to school in Boston, MA which is certainly not an outdoorsy area. Want to know what I did? I found parks in the city and lousy public lands with trees and grass and explored it. Was it beautiful like the Rocky Mountains? Nope. What it gorgeous like the Adirondacks where I grew up? Certainly not, but it was what I had to work with which leads me to the next topic.

If you're unhappy with the place you live in... move.

I left an athletic scholarship and my dream school to be close to nature. I changed my entire life because I knew deep down that it wasn't where I was happy or meant to be. If you feel the same way I promise you that God will provide. The leap seems scary and I'll tell you what, it wasn't easy but it was SO WORTH IT.

I would 100% not be the person I am today if I didn't take that leap. Heck, I might not have even found God when I did. If you feel like you shouldn't be where you are, make the change. Take the pay decrease, go the extra mile to find your happiness.

At the end of the day, the fast paced life that leaves you with nothing but unhappy is so not worth it. I don't care if you're making a million dollars, the treasures of humanity aren't in the kingdom of God, but your soul is. Pursue happiness and a soulful life and you'll be more fulfilled then you can even imagine.

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Welcome To The Wild

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