Failure Means Success

I just recently read a book called, “101 Secrets For Your 20s” by Paul Angone. I was happy to find out that many of the “hidden truths” he spoke about I’ve already learned my lesson on, but I also realized there is just so much more. I’ve always been able to give great advice and tell people the best way through a situation, but in the end I have a hard time applying that wisdom myself. I essentially have a difficult time “practicing what I preach.” This frustrates me that I can’t do everything “right” when I know the best way. What I’ve learned from these experiences though, is that we are all human. We are truly not perfect, having weaknesses is OK, and somethings are truly easier said than done.

I’ve also come to understand that all my failures grew me into who I am today. You can truly never become wise unless you learn your lesson. I’ve learned what it’s like to fail at so many things, but that also means I now know what success looks like. I know what I want my life to look like and who I want in it. Sometimes to find out who you’re truly meant to be, you first have to find out who you’re not. Don’t be afraid to lose yourself in experiences and remain lost for a while. Some of the moments when I felt the most lost, was when I realized exactly who I wanted to be. I was so far away from where I was meant to be, that I suddenly grew this undeniable urge to become that person.

I didn’t realize my passion for adventure until I was going to school in a massive city. I had never felt so far away from nature before and it was then when I realized how bad I wanted to be back home in the Adirondacks. For me, this was the biggest turning point in my life. I had to leave this dream I had painted in my head for years. The dream to go to one of the best business schools in the country and run as a scholarship athlete. After a while, the dream didn’t pan out to what I thought it was going to be. I realized I had created this fantasy based on a version of me I didn’t want to be. Could I have continued down that path? Sure. Would I have been relatively happy? Probably, but I wouldn’t be the best version of myself.

Sometimes we will find ourselves in tough situations like this. Places where we are remotely happy, but not completely satisfied. It’s hard to recognize these points in life, but it’s entirely crucial that we do. The faster we change our situation, no matter how tough it may be, the shorter our journey is to becoming who were are meant to be. Understand this simple truth. Failure, means success.

Welcome To The Wild

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