Becoming More Successful: Applying Yourself

So many people message and ask me this question:

"How are you so good at everything?"

You're probably thinking, what a hard question to answer right? How could you possibly respond to that? I usually just say something short like "Thank You" or "It means a lot," but why is it that people continue to ask me this question?

No, I'm not actually good at everything. Most of the time the people asking me these questions are completely capable of the same things I am. The difference is in how I approach my hobbies, activities or whatever else you want to call them.

I appear to be good at so many things because I simply try really hard at a lot of things. I'm not the best skier, hiker, marketer or ocr athlete. Hell, I'm not even close to being the best.

My dad has taught me a lot throughout the years and sometimes the wisdom seemed weird to me when I was little, but his lessons have begun to mean something. My dad used to tell me that the reason why the most talented people are never the most recognized is because they aren't usually the ones working the hardest.

I've been on many sports teams throughout my life and I can confidently say that in the long run, hard work always beats talent. The person who truly wants it the most will eventually get it.

The reason why I seem to be so damn talented, is because I want it... bad. I want to be good at everything I'm interested in and eventually I will win that medal or get that job because of it.

My end-game in life professionally is to have my brand and social media as my sole source of income.

Work hard, play harder my friends.

A couple years ago is when I started to dream that dream. I thought it would be impossible to get there, but I still wanted it.

About 6 months ago, that dream began to burn with absolute fire.

3 months ago, I started going into overdrive. I consumed every article, e-book and course within my reach.

Now, that dream is beginning to manifest. That dream, could potentially become a reality for me within the next 6 months.

But I'm scared.

I'm scared to depend on things that can't be depended on.

I'm scared to go against my parent's wishes and live a life on the edge.

I'm scared about what people will think of me.

I'm scared to go broke.

"Feel the fear and do it anyway."

Almost a year ago I was scared to move out to Colorado, but here I am.

It's important to remember that whatever fear is holding you back in life... is a facade. The worst thing that can happen to you is a lesson learned. If I do go broke, I'll have to get a job. If I can't find a job, I have to move home. Who cares.

Why do you want to be alive? Is it to play it safe and live a comfortable boring life?

Heck, nah.

You're here on this planet to become more.

To walk God's path for you freaking fearlessly.

To be a force of nature to be reckoned with.

If you think I'm some brilliant piece of human, I'm not. No one is. As wise as I sound, I'm right there with you. We are all afraid of failure, but fear doesn't stop you. You do.

Make the choice to live a fearless life.

You probably will fail, but that's not the point. The point is that you tried.

Be fearless in the pursuit of happiness.

Welcome To The Wild

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