Beautiful Uncertainty: Review

My favorite types of books are ones that enter your life during confusing or difficult times. This book was just that for me.

Whenever you're looking for answers on what to do or where to go next, finding help whether it be from a friend or just from reading means the world in these moments.

Beautiful Uncertainty I read in literally one sitting. Sharing how to be strong during times of singleness or trial, whether you're single or not, was extremely enlightening.

At the end of each chapter there are beautiful prayers that pertain to what that chapter was about. It keeps you active and understanding of your current situation and how God is moving in your life.

If you have any interest in this book whatsoever, I also recommend giving it a go. I've learned throughout the years that $10 towards something so fulfilling has always been worth it.

I'm so quick to spend $20 on lunch, but flinch when I have to purchase something so life giving. Do it my friend, it's worth the investment into yourself! You can purchase this read here.


Welcome To The Wild

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