A Day in the Life

All the time people ask me how I find time to hike, ski, kayak, or do whatever I end up doing that day. Many people are even bold enough to question if I have a job or "even go to school anymore." I laugh to myself since the answer is really quite simple. I find time everyday to do what I'm passionate about. There are 24 hours in a day, and you can either choose to waste them or spend every waking minute pursing what makes you happy. This doesn't mean that everyday I'm kicking a$$, going from dawn to dusk, but it does mean that I constantly think about the feats I want to accomplish, and what I need to do to achieve them. I naturally wake up earlier than usual, around 6:30 every morning without an alarm clock (I know I'm nuts), which does give me a head start everyday. Besides that, everyone else has the same opportunity to fulfill their day just as I do. I feel the best way to explain how I find time to do the things I do, is to layout a day in my life.

Let's take this upcoming Thursday, April 26th, 2018. Tentatively, this is my plan:

6:30 AM: Wake up and get ready for the day, packing everything I will need.

7:30 AM: Leave my house and head to get my favorite coffee, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, at the same gas station….everyday lol.

8:00 AM: Head to SUNY Plattsburgh where I will work on class assignments or other social media work.

9:30 - 1:45 PM: Class at SUNY Plattsburgh where I’m studying Marketing and Public Relations!

2:00 PM: Leave campus and head out into the Adirondacks to hike.

3:00 PM: Hike Big Crow Mountain in Keene, NY.

4:45 PM: Return back to my car and head back to SUNY Plattsburgh.

6:30 - 9 PM: Compete in a Volleyball Tournament through Greek Life campus, hopefully taking home the gold ;)

9:30 PM: Head back home, to rest up for tomorrow's adventures!

A day like this is pretty regular for me, aside from the tournament which is usually replaced by pick up volleyball from the same times.

I believe that no matter what your interests are, It’s extremely important to work towards accomplishing them everyday even if it is in small steps. Hopefully, this insight into how I do things can help you to pursue your passions!

Welcome To The Wild

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