“It’s over.” The worst words you can hear at any moment in life. To me, this time after these two words have been some of the hardest in my life. They challenge who you are and who you want to be. You suddenly realize you’ve weaved yourself into another persons life, and part of you stayed with them when they left. Life starts to feel like a sense of in love, and out of love periods.

You’re either living your best life or worst in a matter of a few words and you know what? That sucks! It sucks that someone else can do that to our life, but I will say a life without love isn’t one worth living. Love for the Lord and love for everyone else we embark on this journey of life with. To love, you have to be vulnerable. You have to break all the walls down, and show people the parts of you that leave you unprotected. Even though sometimes it comes with heartbreak, it’s so worthwhile so never give up hope on that.

“It’s over,” there are those words again. Trust me nothing is over. Change is happening. Change that brings perspective. Change that eventually proves to you that there is far more to life than this small piece of time we call fate. “It’s fate that we’re mean to be together,” we argue. Do I believe in fate? Yes I do. However my timeline of fate is much more than a love story that lasted a fraction of my life.

I believe fate is the connection of one period of life to another, which makes up your entire story when melded together. Everything literally happens for a reason. You wouldn’t be here today without the hardships of yesterday. Perspective will never be gained unless something is lost. It’s fate that you’re meant to cross paths with TONS of people! Friends, family, and loves all can come and go. The more we go through the process of letting people go we love, the more we gain perspective on life.

My first heart break was the worst. It was all I knew. At that moment in time, the world was in fact ending. It wasn’t until years later, tons of relationships later, that I gained perspective. If I would’ve never had my heart broken, I would’ve never met all these other amazing people in my life. I would’ve never been motivated to change my life for the better. After that first heartbreak, I made pivotal changes in my life. I transferred schools, and placed myself in the heart of the wild. It was here where I found my true passion for adventure and if I never had my heart broken, who knows who I would be today.

To all the people that ever broke your heart, you can say, “it’s fate that were not meant to be together,” because I promise far better things are intended for you.

Welcome To The Wild

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