5 Tips to Better iPhone Photography

Some of the most popular questions that I get asked on instagram will be answered in this blog! Questions like, “who takes your photos,” “what camera do you use,” and “what lenses do you use?” Surprisingly, I get 90% of my pictures by myself with my iPhone, it’s as simple as that!

I know you’re probably wondering how the heck I manage, but really guys it’s super easy! I will say that I’ve been working on the iPhone photography game for a VERY long time, but that’s only because I’ve had to go through so much trial and error. The bright side for you guys is that you can learn the top tricks without the super long journey that I took!

I’ve easily broken down the main concepts and tools that you need to have to be able to take stunning iPhone photography! My 5 top tips are:

Trust me guys, it’s not rocket science and that’s what I love about it! You already have your phone with you anyways, plus it’s super easy to upload immediately to instagram. One of the challenges with working with DSLR and other cameras, is the amount of time it takes to get the photo from the camera to an instagram post. On top of that, if you are a beginner in photography it take quite a while to learn how to use a camera properly. That’s why I’ve always been a big fan of learning photography first on your iPhone!

Don’t be afraid of the big words, all this means is setting up a good photo. Who is the subject (is there is one), how are they positioned, don’t aim straight into the light where your photo becomes blown out, and make sure everything is level. Here are some ways to improve your composition:

This tip is KEY to how I take my photos. A tripod can take many forms. Sometimes I stick my phone into my shoe so it stands up straight or place a bungee cord around a tree then slide my phone in, bam instant tripod. Even though these methods do work… I'll guarantee you’ll get some looks just like I did. Fear not, the first tripod that I used was pretty dang cheap and super affordable which you can find here.

This next tripod is one that I’ll be purchasing soon. It’s totally worth the money, the quality is far better, and it is way smaller when compacted down. This tripod will be less of a pain in the butt to carry around. Plus, it can be used for both iPhones and real cameras. You can find that one here.

The one important thing to note when picking out a tripod is the height. I like to find tripods that are relatively my height. I’m 5’9,” so sometimes that can be challenging, but I promise they are out there!

So this one is a little self-explanatory, but does take some practice. Set your phone to the 10 second automatic timer, which can be found right in the camera up at the top, and then press the button and run! Sometimes it can take me a solid 15 minutes to get the photo I want, and sometimes it may only take one shot, ya just never know.

What I really like about this method is how each time I reset the timer, I can look at the previous photo I took and learn what I need to do differently for the next one. I’ve actually become so good at this that I prefer taking all my photos myself!  

The only downfall to this method is the distance you can get away from the camera before it takes the shot. Either start some cardio training…. OR buy a cheap self-timer remote! I usually do this, but still like walking back to the camera to see what the shot looks like. You can buy on of those cheap here.

You probably had no idea that they even made iPhone lenses let alone even worked. Well friends, you’re welcome because these lenses are an absolute game changer. Moment lenses are top of the line and relatively affordable compared to what a normal camera lens will set you back.

I’ve dropped them from super high heights, landed them in water, and they are still in perfect condition. I recommend using these to take instagram stories as it widens what you can capture! Right now I have the Wide and Superfish lenses, but will soon be adding the Anamorphic to the collection for iPhone videography!

I’ve used tons of editing apps throughout the years, and literally nothing comes close to Lightroom Mobile. There are lots of settings so I highly recommend watching some youtube tutorials on how to use it. Peter McKinnon is my favorite for this!

Another thing you’ll come across if you haven’t already learned about is Lightroom Presets. These are pre-made edits that you can apply to your photos to create that similar aesthetic that you see a lot of content creators using.

I’ve been developing my own presets for sometime now, but still have work to do. If you’re interested in knowing about them when I do finally release them, please subscribe below!

I really hope you learned something from this post and if you have another topics you’d like me to talk about, feel free to contact me with any questions! Hope you enjoy your newfound skills to better capture your adventures!


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