4 Beginner Hikes in Colorado

Now that I’ve spent a decent amount of time in Colorado, I’m able to share my favorite short hikes! All of these hikes can be completed within a half a day or less if you run up them like me!

These are my favorite types of hikes because you can do them after/before work and when you don’t have a whole day to commit to trekking up a mountain. I love to pair short hikes like these with SUP, hammocking, or even reading somewhere in nature.

These hikes are also great for beginners or new travelers to Colorado who haven’t yet acclimated to the elevation yet! You have to be careful when hiking in Colorado when you're traveling due to Altitude Sickness.

I’ve organized these easiest to hardest so you can choose your level of difficulty:

Independence Mountain

Hanging Lake

Mount Royal

Bergen Peak

1. Independence Mountain

My Hiking Time: 30min to Summit

Elevation Gain: 761'

Distance: 1.8m RT

Location: Evergreen, CO

This was such a beautiful short climb! A perfect hike for anyone who just landed in Denver and is headed out to the front range to hike.

2. Hanging Lake

My Hiking Time: 1 hr to "Summit"

Elevation Gain: 1,135'

Distance: 3m RT

Location: Glenwood Springs, CO

This is an extremely popular trail and it's important to know that you can only access it if you take the shuttle for $12 out of Glenwood. You have to make a reservation and I've added the link to do that here! This is a gorgeous protected area so make sure to follow all the signs and stay out of the water to keep it beautiful.

3. Mount Royal

My Hiking Time: 45min to Summit

Elevation Gain: 1,374'

Distance: 3.9m RT

Location: Frisco, CO

Even though this one is short, it's a breather! (as I like to call it) Short, but steep Mount Royal was my first hike here in Colorado and it didn't fail to amaze. At the top there are awesome views of the town of Frisco!

4. Bergen Peak

My Hiking Time: 3 hr RT

Elevation Gain: 2,227'

Distance: 10.3 RT

Location: Evergreen, Colorado

This is by far the longest hike I've included on the list, but don't worry it is at a far lower elevation then others! This is a very popular trail and it's also part of the Colorado Rockies Six-pack of Peaks challenge!

Whenever you're headed out for a hike, no matter how short, it's important to have the right gear. I've included my favorites below.

Remember, it's super important to properly hydrate when hiking in Colorado! Stay safe and have fun out there!


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